• Lisa Santoro, MBA, CRNA

Tired of being tired all the time?

Many Americans complain of not having enough energy to get through the day. They lack the drive and focus needed to get their activities done. There are many reasons for this lack of energy, but the ones we want to focus on today are the lack of proper nutrition and hydration.

Many people don't get the proper nutrition their body requires because they are eating on the go or eating too many processed foods. Even if you are eating the right kinds of foods, many fruits and vegetables are lacking nutrients. According to research published in Scientific American, a carrot today contains 50% less nutrients than a carrot from 50 years ago! It's not your fault!

Mild dehydration can be another reason for a lack energy. A fluid loss as low as 1-3% can lead to impaired energy levels and poor brain performance.

It can be difficult to stay hydrated throughout the day. Many people have gut disturbances and their bodies have difficulty absorbing the nutrients and fluids they require. Thats's where Axiom IV Therapy can help. We have IV's with vitamins, minerals and fluids your body needs to keep you energized! Contact us today 484-393-1588 to schedule your appointment.

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