• Lisa Santoro, MBA, CRNA

IV Vitamin C Helps Fight Covid-19

Sick coronavirus patients from New York state's largest health system are being given massive doses of IV vitamin C based on reports it has helped people in Shanghai China with positive results, according to The Post. Vitamin C is a powerful anti oxidant. It is known to help strengthen your immune system against viruses and help your body repair damaged tissues.

You can take vitamin C orally, but there is a limit to the amount your body can tolerate before you get GI upset. With IV vitamin C, you can get a massive amount, with no GI upset. You need to have your blood tested for G6PD deficiency before getting the treatment to prevent hemolysis.

Covid-19 (coronavirus) is a very contagious virus that attacks your respiratory system and sometimes your GI tract. Frequent hand washing, social distancing and a strong immune system are your best defense against this disease.

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