• Lisa Santoro, MBA, CRNA

Foods Can Help With Dehydration?

Dehydration is a health risk, especially in the summer months. You can ensure adequate hydration by ensuring you are getting enough liquids from your drinks and food. You don't need fancy or expensive electrolyte drinks or shakes to stay hydrated!

Wait a minute, did you say food? Can food really help me avoid dehydration? I'm here to tell you.... YES! We all know you need at least 8 glasses of water a day, but sometimes it is easier to eat your water instead of drink it. Here are some foods that can help:

1. Cucumber. This popular vegetable is about 96% water and can help you stay hydrated. You can snack on cucumber slices throughout the day. If you don’t like them plain you can jazz them up with some hummus.

• Cucumber soup is another option that tastes great and provides plenty of fluid.

2. Celery. The water content of celery is estimated at 95%. You can add celery to your snack bag for a quick hydration pick-me-up or incorporate celery into your meals.

• Celery does not provide many calories, but it has important nutrients like vitamin A and K.

3. Iceberg lettuce. It gets a bad rap as not having any nutritional value, but its water content is 95%. It is a popular addition to salads. There are also many other ways to enjoy it! Use it as a wrap for sandwiches or in place of tortillas. You can even add it to cooked dishes like stews or soups.

4. Tomatoes. They are about 94% water. All types of tomatoes, including grape and cherry, can add to your hydration.

• You can eat the smaller varieties as a quick snack. The larger varieties can be sliced for salads or sandwiches. You can even make tomato soup that is chilled instead of hot! A perfect summertime meal.

5. Watermelon. My favorite on this list! Its water content is around 91%. Enjoy it fresh or added to a fruit salad.

• You can even blend it to make a unique smoothie!

6. Broccoli. At 90% water content broccoli is an amazing veggie that can keep you hydrated while also providing fiber and important nutrients like vitamin C as well (which is great for immune support, but that’s a post for another day!).

7. Star fruit. How about something a little exotic added to your snack menu! Its estimated water content is 91%. You can eat this on its own or added as a fun addition to fruit salads.

8. Strawberries. They are about 90% water. This popular summer fruit can be eaten on its own, added to fruit salads, or made with smoothies.

9. Baby carrots. They have more water than regular carrots, coming in at about 90%.

• Baby carrots and dip are like a match made in heaven. You can try dips like ranch or guacamole. For a fun twist try caramel or chocolate dips.

Dehydration can be prevented with these simple steps like eating foods that naturally hydrate you. These foods can make staying hydrated, especially on those hot summer days, an easy process.

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